Hilldale 2015

Filming Location from "Back to the Future" part II

Located in El Monte, California

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The Future Home of Mr. & Mrs. Marty McFly. (Note: We feature a seperate page here for the McFly townhouse, which is in this neighborhood.)

Interestingly, though both the Locations used for Hilldale 1985 and Hilldale 2015 were relatively new at the time of the films being made, they are not the same neighborhood. In fact, they are 80 miles apart. Located in a private, gated community, this is possibly one of the hardest southern california locations to see.

This part of El Monte is actually pretty run-down. (Wait - what part isn't?) Smaller cities in Los Angeles county and the San Gabriel valley in particular are often underfunded and have a lot of problems. This place is literally an island unto itself, a little quiet asian nieghborhood tucked into an obscure corner of a heavily latino city, but the surrounding neighborhood has a high crime rate and is pretty worn out, thus there are security gates for entry and multiple NO TRESSPASSING signs abound. So let me stress at this point that this entire neighborhood is private property and this website, it's creators and authors, assume NO responsibility for any reader's actions!

Since learning of the location of Hilldale 2015, I have given the location to various other people who have not managed to get in. But, as fate would have it, every time we approach this location some good citizen lets us inside the gate. There are some really nice families in this neighborhood and no one we talked to minds that we walked around and took a few photos. Their main concern is keeping crime out of their neighborhood, not friendly (and quick) visitors, although I don't think if they had known what we were there for it would have been very appreciated. That said, when visiting this location on a weekday you will pretty much have run of the corner where Biff steals the DeLorean and all the action goes down. You gain a real sense of how much work the Location Manager and the set designer/decorators had to do to make these shots possible.

All in all though, very little has changed and if granted access through the impenetrable security gates (with mounted cameras, I may add) you will easily recognize the right spots. It is still one of my favorite locations to visit. Just make sure not to be too loud or make your visit too long. Security is tight enough...

Special thanks to Pat Evans, who first clued me in on it's location back in the 2001, and Michael J. Burmeister for giving us all the details from production.

Editor's Note: Tyrone Pham, a former resident of the neighborhood, first published the Hilldale 2015 location in an online photo album. However, While Tyrone Pham might have actually been the first to publish it, we still allege the first one looking for this location to find it was the indeterrable Pat Evans, who first clued me in to this location in 2000, where it was posted on the now-long-defunct Exkren.com, to which the editors of this website contributed. Thus our former claim to be the first BTTF site to publish it - but in the long run, it doesn't matter. No disrespect was intended to Mr. Tyrone Pham, and you can see his work here.

Address: Somerset St at Oakhurst St, El Monte, Ca

GPS Coordinates: 34.068058,-118.005253

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