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The Couthouse as of Jan 1, 2006. Photo Source: ?. Redressed for the TV show Ghost Whisperer.

The good news is it looks as if the forward facade is built around the pillars, and did not involve their removal. Last I checked it was back to normal.

Hill Valley 1955 (screenshot from Back to the Future - Part I

..as of January 2005. Disguised for varios other productions, and missing it's famous clock. At the time of this photo, "Pirates of the Carribean 2" and "War of the Worlds" were being filmed on the backlot, as well as "Desperate Housewives" So you can see the need.

Hill Valley 1955 (screenshot from Back to the Future - Part I

January 2005. If you can, I'd suggest visiting Universal Studios. Right now there is a deal going on, pay for a day and get the year free. There's a good chance you will see this square, and only then can you get a true sense of how much the crew did to make this film come to life.

Above: "1955" (screenshot from BTTF part 1)

The same crosswalk. You can see the entire street's worth of facades on the left side of the courthouse have been changed completely since the BTTF days. Perhaps due to backlot fires or other productions. We are, at present, trying to get an interview with the folks in charge of the backlot to get more information for you, the fans!

The set dressed up as the "Future." They did a lot of work to make these "futuristic" facades, only to take them right back down after filming. Some of the features in this screenshot are discernable in the comparison photo below.

Compare with the above screenshot. What a difference!

Again, most of this side of the street is now completely changed. However, some pieces of the facades have kept similar features. You must remember that from behind, these are not seperate buildings, but one giant structure made of wood, fiberglass, and in the case of brick, even a type of rubber.

Compare this scene from Part 2 with our photo above

Check out the area above the window. Looks like the facade is corroding, even despite it's recent changes. Save the clock tower!

This is where they constructed the alley and the Antique store.

Looking Northwards on the backlot at Universal.

New photos show the newest courthouse facade is starting to peel off.

Trams come through the west street as we get another north-facing shot.

This is a view not seen in the films. For the 2015 sequences they built on to these buildings, as well as adding a "Skyway" landing ramp at the end of the street near the courthouse.

Sorry folks, but at the time, I didn't realize the door was open or I would have tried to get a shot of the inside. The inside is basically just wooden framing anyways.

The facade peeling off, revealing, much to our jubilation, the original "brick" facing! You can even clearly see where they plugged up the spot for the Clock. Perhaps restoration may not be far away after all... Save the Clock Tower!

Another good shot of the south side. You can see the backs of Facades on the next backlot street rising above those of the courthouse square.

Seemed like that storm was about to come back..

This is where they constructed the Movie theatre at the end of the street, as well as being the only side of the square filmed for the 1955 scenes of Part II. Also, it is most importantly the site of Marty going Back to the Future at the end of the original movie. Though it is a far wider shot, Compare with the screenshot below:

Extras Photos and other sites at Universal Studios, Hollywood ;

The view from Universal Studios Hollywood

A close-up on a recently "restored" Lyon Estates sign. (Read more below)

You can see these great artifacts on the Universal Tram tour. Actually, about five years ago, this spot on the backlot was really jacked up looking. After a few years you started to see it being cleaned up and more bushes planted etc. Then the LYON ESTATES letters were removed from the signs and they were re-textured and the letters re-painted and re-applied. No one knows why, or who made these decisions. Or even why they decided to keep these outside rather than in the prop department building, OR what they guard. If you work for universal, and you want to help us solve the mystery, get in touch! We will protect your anonymity!

This is at universal as well. It's one of the Delorean "stunt doubles" and Universal holds that it's actually screen used. I'm not sure how true that is, but at the end of the tram tour, though I missed the photo, you can actually see one of the nicer "real" time machine DeLoreans parked in the lot with the other movie cars.

Bonus Feature: The Courthouse Square in "Gremlins" 1984 - pre-BTTF!!

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