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Welcome to BTTFtour.com! Now widely known as the best and most complete resource for Back to the Future filming locations; This website is the result of many hours of enthusiastic research, driving around, and many MANY user contributions.

We want to give special thanks and acknowlegement to Michael J. Burmeister, location manager for BTTF II and III, for helping us with SO much information. And we'd also like to thank all the BTTF tour users who've contributed photos and sent us emails updating us on the locations, and of course, correcting our mistakes! Getting to know all of you in the BTTF fan community is one of the highlights and greatest benefits of this project. Stay tuned as we add even more updates, and of course, we're always glad to have you get in touch with your comments and contribute photos and stories!

Right now, we're particularly in need of your STORIES, as well as help editing the articles for each page. If you have suggestions for changes of any kind, please email us! Make sure to sign up for the mailing list once we have it up and running! Our next goal is to have the site 100% ready for your mobile devices!

Please take a look around! Right now navigation is reduced to "View all Locations" over there on the left, but the old way to browse (by time period) should be back once we finish finally creating a uniform look to every page. Thanks so much for reading, if you enjoy, contact us!

-Justin & Tony P

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