We really like Back to the Future...

Ask anyone who's used this site: there's a strange (and maybe a little twisted) excitement about standing in the spot where one of your favorite movies was filmed. It all comes to life! The first time I drove to arleta and pulled up to the McFly house, I half expected Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine to come crashing into their trash cans!

We began visiting locations thanks to Bruce Gordon's original "BTTF.. for real!" article. Back to the Future was always a little bit of an obsession for us, and we began to hunt after the all of the locations we couldn't find, namely the PART II Locations we knew had to be filmed in Southern California. This was in the 1990s, long before BTTF was released on DVD! In fact, part I was out of print on VHS at the time as well! I knew the location of the River Road Tunnel - that was easy enough, (I had passed it hundreds of times on my way up to Griffith Observatory,) but there were locations which remained a mystery, even as more and more BTTF locations websites started to spring up.

When one of us had our first (long gone) website, we began to post up our photos from visiting the back to the future locations. All of a sudden we got floods of emails asking for directions and advice on the sites, and most especially, whether we knew where any more locations were! It started with finding the long-secret location of Hilldale 2015.. The brilliant Pat Evans (who's uncovered many film locations - most notably for the Karate Kid website) led us there, and that was it!! We were firmly resolved to find the missing pieces of the puzzle! With Hilldale under our belt, and several others gradually being weeded out, we carried on, until our list was nearly complete!

We really started hitting some snags, however. Many of the locations we had to look for by Aerial maps (for likely spots) - and then drive all around until we could find them. We, like Wesley Treat and so many others, had assumed that Jennifer's House was somewhere near Whittier High School, since it fit the location so well, and there are so many similar historic homes nearby! Although we looked and looked to no avial, there was an uncanny feeling that we'd seen it before..

Well, thanks to Michael J Burmeister, location Manager on Part II and III, we were able to find it at last - right under our nose in Monrovia, on the same street one of us had recorded several ALBUMS! Strickland's house did end up being right next to the High School location, so that area did have more than one location to visit, but who would have thought we were literally driving by Jennifer's house dozens of times without ever spotting it! So in late 2004 BTTFTOUR.COM was born, went live in 2005 and became instantly the MOST COMPLETE locations source on the internet. And the very first to publish the location of Biff's Casino's Stairway, Jennifer's House, etc.

Now, originally we started the site with the intention of putting all our good info into a downloadable PDF tour guide so people would stop asking us to give them directions to all the sites when they came to visit Los Angeles. At the same time, we wanted to stay updated and keep a running pictoral archive of these sites.

The "Tour Guide" was never finished - And it doesn't matter now, because with iPhones and GPS and the like you can read this site right in the McFly driveway, or get GPS directions right to the spot Marty gazed on Hill Valley 1885. And now, THANKS TO MANY OF YOU, AND A LOT OF HARD WORK, we've managed to build what we think is the BEST website devoted to ANY MOVIE'S FILMING LOCATIONS IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. But we may be a little biased...

BTTFtour.com has become something like a little community - people send us in their photos and stories and share with us all their excitement at visiting the locations from one of the best movie series of all time. We'll still be around a long time to come, and though you can now find all of our sleuthing results all over the internet, (Seeing-Stars, IMDB, and other "pay" sites that stole our info) we thank you for checking us out, and just remember, don't cause any paradoxes!

Thank you, and see you in the future.. or in the past!